My sister Mara

WHEN MEMORY AND MEANINGS HELP YOU LIVE “To us 6 brothers” We were little together by Maria Mirella D’Ippolito, Mirella Miri At the beginning of her chapter “I would like to understand why all this is happening to me.” This is the last sentence you said to me before you went into a coma for […]

Individual therapy

At the heart of the therapeutic work is the Rogerian approach, which is based on the deep trust that in every person there is the tendency to fully realize one’s potential: like a seed that has within it the becoming of rose or violet or pine. The therapist has the role of facilitating ground and […]

Family and couple therapy

When a member of the family, such as a child, a member of a couple or even both partners have symptoms or problems, therapeutic work is done on the entire family system or on the couple. In the case of a child, parents are being helped to help their children.  At the center of the […]

Courses for “Effective Parents” and …

The courses are aimed at parents, teachers, young people and all people who want to learn the skills necessary for effective communication. Skills are addressed such as:  deep listening (especially useful for parents); the comparison with first-person messages of self-expression and self-revelation (especially useful for young people); the resolution of conflicts in a no-loser way, […]

External collaborations

She is external consultant at:   La Casa di Cura Psichiatrica S.Valentino di Roma [S.Valentino’s Psychiatric Hospital, Rome] Neuropsicologia dell’Istituto a carattere scientifico Ospedale S. Lucia di Roma [Department of Neuropsychology, Santa Lucia Foundation, Rome] Dipartimento di Oncologia del Campus Universitario Bio-Medico di Trigoria, Roma [Department of Oncology, Trigoria Bio-Medical Campus, University of Rome] La […]

Sergio, my Husband

WHEN MEMORY IS LIFE The other half of the author’s world that many people have told her they have always seen through her eyes. We find in the written words love and respect for the loved one, then married, the warmth of intimacy, the sea, nature, the days of cold, snow and coolness from the […]

Defeating Bluebeard

A true story told of a schizophrenic psychosis with a happy ending. A saving message of healing. The denunciation of the gravity of secrets and double messages. The repetition of the negative as a necessity to learn how to overcome it, at the service of life. A combined intervention of a psychiatry with a human […]