In dialogue with Bruno Callieri

“I used to visit you in Via Nizza, as many of us have recalled, and every time I left there I felt like I was almost drunk, so many were the stimuli you had given me. I went out with your writings that you gave me every time under my arm. And it took me a while to rearrange my ideas about what we had said and given each other. A time to choose the order in which to read you, an order that was never an order.

I was reading you. And immediately I immediately felt the desire to write to you, first in draft, as was done in the past, then by copying by hand, as was done in the past.
You told me several times that you would like the publication of these post-mortem letters of mine (“I have the sensation of speaking through you”, you told me), as a close dialogue between the two of us. Here I am to do it, Bruno, I know you will be happy for that.”

from the back cover

Cover portrait of the Professor Callieri performed by Maretta, the painter sister of the author, the feeling of which appears on the back cover of the book Sergio, my husband.
When Professor Callieri saw it, he said: “What a capacity for psychological penetration!” .

Where one reads of equality and not of equality between therapist and client, as happens between teacher and pupil, I seem to read something that can also be achieved in relationships of intense emotional and intellectual closeness such as the one described in this “A dialogue with ”, where the equality that permeates the relationship is felt and, at the same time, there is the recognition of the non-equality: this is also the homage that Mirella D’Ippolito pays to Professor Callieri.

from the preface by Mariangela Bucci Bosco

Letters inside the book

Pescasseroli, 30 December 2008

Rome, March 1, 2009

Rome, April 23, 2013

Rome, April 28, 2013

Rome, March 3, 2014

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Presentation at the Department of “Neuropsychiatry” Viale dell’Università 30, Aula B Sapienza of Rome on 2 December 2015


Preface by Mariangela Bucci Bosco Professor of the Person Centered Approach Institute

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