'Normal' people are the blacks of industrialized society, the 'mentally ill' are the blacks of 'normal' people, the 'psychotics' are blacks of the 'mentally ill'. And the 'normal' people, the 'mentally ill', the 'psychotics', the black people say: I'm black and I'm proud"!

Guinea Bissau 2018 (September-December): Great little history-chronicle

The  Crowdfunding project for Guinea Bissau  started with Mirella’s first trip to Africa in 2015.

In recent years, funds have been raised to support the study of 10 Guinean boys, with the aim of making them independent, free and able to reciprocate with their support those close to them.

To learn more about the project, we invite you to look at the photos, documents and drawings present in the squares at the top of the photograph “Guinea Bissau” on the   “Studying in a shouting country” page, as well as reading the description of the project on the first page and looking at the pages of the “Contributions” to see HOW MANY WE ARE!!!!!

The latest crowdfunding, on which fundraising is still active, is: “Studying in a country that shouts: Free to Study”.

Human experience in Guinea Bissau

Thesis in Theories and Practices of Anthropology

Title page





1. Guidelines and background texts

2. Return reflections – 2015

I was working as a psychologist for just over a month in the tenth poorest country in the world with a life expectancy of 48 but an open, very loving people.
One and a half million inhabitants including the archipelago, thirty different ethnic groups, scattered in a myriad of villages with low houses and tin roofs, sometimes thatched but people say it is more dangerous, some larger agglomerations such as cities and Bissau the capital…

3. Diary with “Heart” from Bissau – 2016


Dakar. From the plane, after ten and a half hours of turbulence, descending an enormous expanse of buildings, all of the same colour, beige, many, all close together, a few trees that are struggling to grow in a plain facing the ocean: real cathedrals in the desert…

3.2 BISSAU TWO bis

They have opened a new bar-restaurant run by young people and with a very well-kept appearance, also with air conditioning, on the road from the hospital – main square – internet point – home.
Returning after working from 8 to 15 to finish copying “BISSAU DUE” I stopped to get a sandwich with ham and cheese. Well, good morning starts in the morning. Cheese is making me sour.
Before realizing it, I am enthusiastically talking about it to Abdoul. He tells me that he doesn’t go to bars for religious reasons being a Muslim. I am reminded of my mother who always told us “I have never been in a bar in my life”. She told us, six of us children, to underline how much she always thought of us and never of herself. At one time I felt guilty that I even existed for this. Today, if she were here, she passed away in 1990, 26 years ago, I would say “You did wrong, because happy parents make happy children”.
Still talking to Abdoul, my Senegalese roommate…

3.3 BISSAU TWO tris

Today I finished copying “BISSAU DUE bis” from the internet point On the first day of work of the third to last week before the end of my stay, I will give it to the director in the hope that she will be able to read it immediately so that it can also be sent in translation the following day, to be able to receive and distribute it while I am still here.
But I will not send it to the translator in Scotland from the hospital, from the ward I will send the document from the internet point and there I will receive the answer. In this way it will be for me practically an expense almost nothing.
T phoned me and told me that, although she considers the training work with me to be very important to her….



Bibliography and Sitography

Graduation session of 18 December 2017

What I wanted to say in seven minutes (timed minutes)

How the dissertation actually took place


Dakar. Ao descer do avião, depois de dez horas e meia de turbulências, uma esplanada de prédios, todos da mesma cor, aquele bege anónimo, muitos, apinhados uns aos outros. E umas raras árvores que tentam viçar num espaço aberto frente ao oceano: autênticas catedrais no deserto…


Foi inaugurado um novo bar-restaurante, gerido por jovens, e aparentemente muito bem mantido, até com ar condicionado, no caminho para o hospital – praça principal – ponto Internet – casa. Ao voltar, após ter trabalhado das 8 às 15, para terminar de copiar “Bissau dois”, parei e comprei uma sande com queijo e presunto. Como se diz, quem bem começa…. O queijo está a revirar-se no estômago e me dá acidez.
Antes de me dar conta disso, falei entusiasta do local com Abdoul. Comentou que não entrava no bar por razões religiosas, por ser muçulmano. E fez-me lembrar da minha mãe, que sempre dizia “Nunca entrei num bar, em toda a minha vida”. Dizia-o, a nós, seis filhos, como a destacar o quanto sempre tivesse pensado em nós e nunca em si mesma. Houve um tempo em que me sentia culpada de existir, até por causa disso. Hoje, se ela estivesse aqui (faleceu em 1990, há 26 anos), dir-lhe-ia: “Errou, porque pais felizes fazem felizes os seus filhos”.
Sempre falando com Abdoul, o meu co-inquilino Senegalês…


Hoje terminei de copiar, no ponto Internet, “BISSAU DOIS bis”. No primeiro dia útil da antepenúltima semana antes da conclusão da minha permanência, entregarei o texto à diretora, com a esperança que possa lê-lo de imediato, de modo que possa ser enviado para tradução no dia seguinte e, assim, recebê-lo de volta e distribui-lo enquanto ainda estarei aqui.
Todavia, não farei o envio para o tradutor na Escócia do hospital, do setor. Vou enviar o documento do ponto Internet e lá receberei a resposta. Desta forma, a despesa, para mim, será praticamente nula. T. telefonou e disse que, embora considere muito importante para si o trabalho de formação comigo…