Who am I

Psychologist, Jungian and Rogerian trained psychotherapist, Doctor of Theories and Practices of Anthropology, Technical Consultant of the Civil and Juvenile Court of Rome, Gordon certified trainer.

She has published works on different topics of psychology.

Her attention was particularly focused on the healing of schizophrenic psychosis and/or unique psychosis and the most severe psychological ‘disturbances’ through the Rogerian approach, pure in its way of being, together with the combined treatment of a psychiatry with a human face.

Compared to other psycho(pathological) situations and family and couple therapies, she deepens the integration of other approaches, considering them as relativity in relation to the constant of Rogers’ thought.

She knows French at the highest level, English, Portuguese and Kriol Guineense.

In recent years she has dedicated herself and continues to work as a volunteer psychologist in Africa and for Africa, particularly in Guinea Bissau.

She formed the “Movement of the Quiet Revolution” which promoted the first International Rogerian Forum PCA2021 for the first time in Italy, under the patronage of the Policlinico Umberto I University Hospital – Sapienza University of Rome and the Department of Humanities of the University Federico II of Naples.

'Normal' people are the blacks of industrialized society, the 'mentally ill' are the blacks of 'normal' people, the 'psychotics' are the blacks of the 'mentally ill'. And the 'normal' people, the 'mentally ill', the 'psychotics', the black people say: I'm black and I'm proud"!

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Interviews / Articles

TRIBUTE TO ANNA (12 March 1932 - 10 May 2023)

“I would like to say that since last November the name of Anna Nazzarena Nardini has been shouted all over the world as a person who with love and her way of being has saved and helped and formed hundreds of people, I would like to say that her name is entered the homes of more than 8,000 people via the Internet, it was listened to by representatives of 29 world countries, by listeners of an important Roman radio, by readers of the French magazine Trait d’Union du collectif Carl Rogers and again, like the African talking drums, hes name will travel like an echo. This is a very small tribute to all that Anna was and IS. Thank you” Thanks”.

Mirella – 11 maggio 2023

TO MY SISTER MARETTA – MARA, THE SISTER FOR ME (31 July 1951 – 11 August 2023)

I would sayFirst, I would like to say two small things because with tenderness, one ancient and one recent.I would like to say how we were little girls together, as you wrote to me Mara, for almost 20 years in 4 square meters.And I would like to say how now, with all that you were fighting, you called me several times with a deep love to know how I was after the death of Anna, the therapist who saved me.I would like to say how Anna, who has known all the sisters and has been following me for years, said of you “She is the sweetest”.I would like to say how you hosted me for two months and twice in my depressions, and I know how much it cost you.I would like to say how my husband Sergio, who passed away 4 years ago, was very positively impressed by how you have not influenced your children.I would like to give you my estimate because you were operated on now and in the hospital, you were reading a book on the murder of Pope Luciani: your battle from within.I would like to tell you, scream at you, that you didn’t copy when you painted but you put a deep soul.I would say …

Mirella – 14 agosto 2023