Family and couple therapy

When a member of the family, such as a child, a member of a couple or even both partners have symptoms or problems, therapeutic work is done on the entire family system or on the couple. In the case of a child, parents are being helped to help their children. 

At the center of the work there is always the Rogerian trust in the tendency towards self-realization of the entire family or couple (even a healthy separation can be a realization).

This center is integrated by the systemic vision, with which the history of the families of origin and the history of the current family are faced, where the change of one person involves the change of others.

The theoretical and experiential cues of other approaches are used where they respect the underlying Rogerian framework.

For family and couple therapies she works in co-therapy with Dr. Vita Solaro and Dr. Rocco Mondello of systemic-relational training, Dr. Francesco Purita of multiple training, Dr. Lilia Palmiotti of psychodynamic training, Dr Mirta Mattina of Rogerian training.

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