Unconscious: Mother and Stepmother. The archetype of the Great Mother and her elementary character

Unconscious: Mother and Stepmother. Notes on the Jungian world
April 2nd, 2012 at 9-11
Lecture held by Dr. M. Mirella D’Ippolito at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters, Humanities and Oriental Studies at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome (Ethnology room, 3rd floor) within the course “Anthropology and literature” by Prof. Alberto Sobrero

The title of this dense monograph itself proposes the ambivalence inherent in the term “maternage” … The increasingly dialogical declination of psychotherapy (I am thinking of Carl Rogers in Mirella’s premise), with the continuous reference to the paradoxical, to the discourse of the psyche and discourse on the psyche …, and the assumption of the reciprocity of the encounter … come to re-propose today a more “fluid” reading of  “The archetypes of the collective unconscious” … The practical imprints of such a reading are clearly evident in this agile little volume, accompanied by a shrewd iconographic choice; a choice that allows a less difficult transcription between the symbolic codes and a better access to the “Becoming of the personality” (Jung, 1934, complete work, vol. 17). How not to thank the author?

From the presentation by Prof. Bruno Callieri

Writing about Jungian psychology is not a simple thing because one can fall into a difficult or obscure exposition. The author has brilliantly passed the test by exposing the characteristics of the archetype of the Great Mother in a literary and flowing writing. … The study is like a passionate journey through the unconscious and reveals the personal experience of the author.

From the Preface by Prof. Sebastiano Fiume

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Presentation at the L’Argonauta bookshop on 24 March 2009

Speech by Dr. Anna Nazzarena Nardini

Author’s intervention

Speech by Prof. Callieri

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