Sergio, my Husband


The other half of the author’s world that many people have told her they have always seen through her eyes. We find in the written words love and respect for the loved one, then married, the warmth of intimacy, the sea, nature, the days of cold, snow and coolness from the city heat, but also the fatigue, the great sense of irony, the pains, the passions, the tenacity: a man… a world. “It is the echo of fresh memory but never of regret. Each of us should experience all this at least once in a lifetime” writes to the author Rocco Mondello, her friend and colleague.

“It’s half past two in the morning, I read it all in one go, but slowly to reread it and enjoy all the passages. It is beautiful, simple, essential, profound, delicate, light, it reaches the heart by transmitting the magic of your story with very few precious words” writes Maretta, the painter sister, to the author.

from the back cover

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